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Any problem you detect in any of our products such as damage to their packaging material; or the medicine itself has problems. In any of these cases, you should contact us immediately at

Each pharmacy and/or veterinary clinic manages its own stock of medicines, most of our products are available in the main veterinary clinics and pharmacies in the country.

If you want to share your CV you can send it to the email In case we have an open process and your information fits the profile sought, you will be contacted by our Human Resources area. Thank you for your interest!

The prescription and the indications for the use of the medication must be given directly to you by your treating veterinarian, he is the only one authorized to give you indications regarding the treatment. If you want to know what medicines we have available, you can consult the “Vademecum” section of our website.

If you experience adverse effects, consult your treating veterinarian immediately. We invite you to complete our Pharmacovigilance form or write to us at
The objective is to capture this data to report it to the regulatory authorities and thus form part of a database that allows us to complement and/or complete the safety information of each drug.

The final prices of our medicines and products are set by each pharmacy or veterinary clinic.

To be a customer of Drag Pharma you must have a company name linked to the veterinary field.
To be evaluated as a potential client, write to us at

The main distributors nationwide:
• Cooperativa Agrícola Lechera de Santiago (CALS)
• Diprovet
• Ñuñoa Drugstore
• Llacolén
• Novovet

Drag Pharma exports its products to countries in the Americas and Asia. See our “exports” section for more information.