Pharmacovigilance is a set of activities aimed at knowing and evaluating the safety and efficacy of veterinary drugs, once they have been placed on the market, through the collection of information associated with the presentation of adverse effects.

An Adverse Effect is defined as an unwanted and unintended effect that may occur following the administration of a veterinary medicinal product.
Included in the definition are harmful effects related to:

  • Animal safety (adverse reaction).
  • Lack of effectiveness.
  • Effects on humans who were exposed to the veterinary medicinal product.
  • Effects on the environment.
  • Insufficient shelter period.
  • Transmission of infectious agents.

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Be as accurate as possible when delivering information. If possible, have the packaging or label of the product and evidence such as photos, videos, etc. at hand. By reporting suspected adverse effects of medicinal products, it helps to detect unknown or unexpected adverse effects, changes in the frequency of occurrence of known adverse effects, to identify risk factors that may influence their presentation and to enable the constant evaluation of the benefit/risk ratio of a veterinary medicinal product.



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    Veterinarians and Technical Directors of Retail Establishments (DTEE)

    To report suspected Adverse Effects, Veterinarians and DTEEs must complete the Green Reporting Form (FN). This form, once completed, must be sent through the Electronic Notification System. The details of how to complete it can be found in the following leaflet:

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